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connections - the cave in the mind

with Judy McCaig


date 13th - 17th of August | duration: 5 days, 35 hrs
participants min. 6 / max. 10  
language English and Spanish
location Jakob Bengel Factory, Oberstein, www.jakob-bengel.de/en/
shuttle service for evening programme at Campus Idar-Oberstein will be provided
fee 625 € (students 475 €)


THE CAVE IN THE MIND                    

Combine the graphic potential of created images, reliefs, and volume press formed or roller printed into metal with the wide range of gold/ silver/ copper leafs, patinas, and oxides permits. 

This course is split into a timetable of learning the new techniques, making and experimenting with press forming, roller-printing combined with learning and practicing the various types of rivets and their uses, design, and composition, construction, and finish of pieces. Rivets enable connections of recycled, found objects and natural elements. 

Each student is encouraged to explore these expressive possibilities to stimulate their own personal creativity.

Workshop materials and tools supplied by ISA:

- materials for patinas and finishes, false gold leaf

Workshop materials and tools supplied by the participant:

- basic jewellery tools like saw, pliers, files, drills in different sizes (0,8mm, 1mm, 1,5mm, 2mm)

- materials:  found objects, natural forms, recycled everyday plastics, photographs, wood, silver, brass, copper, steel, solder