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stones: geological experiences

with Patricia Domingues

date 20th - 24th of August | duration: 5 days, 35 hrs 
participants min. 6 / max. 8 
language English, Spanish, and Portuguese
location Campus Idar-Oberstein
fee  625 € (students 475 €)

During the workshop, all participants will have the chance to visit different stone companies and, as well explore mines that are no longer in use. Students will have the opportunity to work with varied stones and, discover different techniques such as cutting, grading, drilling, polishing, etc. Each student is invited to establish his own artistic dialog trough stones and the environment exploring in this way, potential meanings for what stones are and can eventually represent.

GEOLOGICAL EXPERIENCES - stone, concept, and material

The landscape that we thoughtfully look at and build our dreams and expectations on is mainly formed by stones. They are the essence of the natural world and make up the foundation of all continents and mountains. But in a world ruled by human hands, stones have also been one of the main materials for the creation of cities, houses, and monuments as well as tools for the making of objects and jewellery. 

Idar-Oberstein, a place well-known for stoneworking, is replete with ateliers that are still working and exploring this millennium’s stone carving and faceting techniques. Surrounded by various mines and an unspeakably stunning landscape, Idar-Oberstein is a geological wonder and a place where different times and realities collide, the geological and the human.
Within this context “Geological experiences - stone, concept, and material” intends to explore the artistic processes and different approaches regarding the relationship between man, stone, and the landscape.

Workshop materials and tools supplied by ISA:

- cutting, grinding and polishing tools

Workshop materials and tools supplied by the participant:

- rubber boots, working clothes, safety glasses