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brooch mechanism: two sides - one story

with Daniela Malev

date: 28th of August - 1st of September | duration: 5 Days, 35 Hrs
s: min. 6 / max. 10 
language: English, Spanish and German


A workshop about finding appropriate needle solutions for brooches

In the field of contemporary jewellery the brooch is the most common and also much discussed form of jewellery. One of the special challenges of making a good brooch is to find an adequate solution for the needle. This is because the needle is that which connects the piece securely to the body but also goes beyond being a mere functional and invisible backside. It should be an essential part of the brooch in terms of form, meaning and aesthetics.

In the workshop we will execute different exercises for needle-making techniques and thought processes around fastening problem solving, and what a needle can be.

Please bring different materials and fragments which you would like to turn into a brooch.