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Peter Vermandere

workshop metal: ICONOC(L)AST
website www.petervermandere.com


Understanding matter
Matter is the starting point, but when creating everything happens simultaneously: idea, form, material ... It is expected that you can explain that, but I’d rather not disturb the mystery too much. I think matter can be very inspirational, in the sense of what is this, where does it come from, how is it formed, what types exist, within which tradition was it developed or used... I find the process to be the most important, the result follows.
Stones forever

My name 'Peter' or 'Petros' means ‘rock’. My father was a sculptor and as a child I smashed and hammered the 'briquaillion' to see if there were crystals or fossils inside. I find contemplating on how rocks are formed to be quite inspiring in trying to master the processes needed to make my own work. I am searching for the balance between the interesting and the beautiful, I am not too sure if I succeed but it’s worth trying.

The answer lies in the making
Making things is profoundly human, creating with our hands is what distincts us from other mammals. When I'm working I experience a deep sense of connection with my close and distant ancestors. Craftsmanship is important but it should serve as a part of the language that you use to tell the story. 'Hic et nunc' is a motto written on the mirror in my studio, here I am and this is what I make today.



Born in Nieuwopoort (BE) 1969 

Since 1994 living and working as a jewellery artist in Antwerpen (BE) 

Since 2013 jewellery teacher in Brussels

2008  Migration in Jewellery in migration Seneffe Triënnale Européenne du bijou contemporain Mons Plastic Prijs voor vormgeving van de stad Mechelen 2 X 10 Antwerpen 

BJOux, a jazz-jewellery project Antwerpen Gent Brussel Design Verpakt Brussel 

2009  De Meesters III Hasselt Beelden en Juwelen op den Ijzerenberg Winksele-Leuven 

Lingam Stockholm Utrecht Ringvormen Zwevegem A Shape of Strange Antwerpen 

2010  Let’s Stick together Brussel Istanbul Vierjaarlijkse prijs voor Kunstambachten Brugge

Lingam WCC-BF Mons Stone I Am Antwerpen Wildsmuk/Bijou Sauvage Brussel Design Bazaar Eindhoven 

2011  I’m sorry, there’s no title Munich Holy Munich Matters of Life and Death Bradford 

Triënnale Européenne du bijou contemporain Mons 

2012  Murmuration Munich I am sorry, there’s no group Munich Materie & Meesterschap Antwerpen Freestyle Atomics en Molecular Modifications Antwerpen

Expo Jewel Book Mons Tournament Winner Antwerpen

2013  Reframed Wonderwall, Pseudomorphic Projections, Reverend RT Ampee’s Pillow Pictures & Erotic Insigniae Munich Amber Workshop Polen 

2014  Collectomaniacalicity Munich Stone I Am 2 Lampernisse

2015  Tweex 3 Watermal-Boitsfort Adansonia Digitata Munich Magnification Reframed Idar-Oberstein

works by Peter Vermandere