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Patricia Domingues


workshop stones: geological experiences
website www.patriciadomingues.pt



I have been interested in the idea of recreating an image of a landscape through processes of fragmentation, working with 'the line' as a medium for construction and separation. Blocks of material are consciously fragmented in a rationalised breaking, which simultaneously frees and demarcates a form from a space, and is later reunited. 

They are accumulations of a changing image that captures the rhythms and patterns of the deconstructed and reconstructed image. The resulting pieces are fractures, inscribed in a landscape which develops and liberates through the will of control and simultaneous release. 




PhD research in Arts, (2016 -2020), Hasselt University & PXL – MAD, within research group MANUFrACTURE


2010 | 2013

MA University of Applied Sciences Trier, Gemstone and Jewellery Design in Idar-Oberstein, DE

2009 l 2010

Exchange student in Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, EE

2007 l 2010

Department of Artistic Jewellery, Escola Massana, Barcelona, ES

2002 l 2005

Goldsmith’s Course Art and Metals, at Art College António Arroio, Lisbon, PT

works by Patricia Domingues