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lectures: artists from around the world


with Martina Dempf

date: 21st of August, 6.30pm
language: English

From the Global Village:

Contemporary Jewellery and Local Design

The world has become a diverse “Global Village” in times of expanding world-wide trade, mass media and fast communication. Contemporary and traditional jewellers are deeply affected by this development, and perceptions of traditionalism and modernity are changing.

In this context the lecture gives an insight into the relationship and interdependence between traditional and contemporary jewellery practice.

Examples from South Africa, Rwanda, Laos, Cambodia, Kazakhstan and Dubai will demonstrate the daily practice of jewellers, designers and their works.


Martina Dempf

Jewellery Designer-Maker and Anthropologist, was born in 1955 in Stuttgart (Germany) and lives and works in Berlin, where she runs her own studio and gallery. Her scientific studies and her creative work are strongly related to each another. Her jewellery is a cross-over in style and material and is shown and collected at international exhibitions in museums, galleries and fairs throughout the world. Martina Dempf also works as a design consultant and lecturer for artistic jewellery with local artists and designers in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. 




works by Martina Dempf