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dance: body spaces - jewellery spaces - time to play

with Kika Rufino

date: twice per week, 2hrs
participants:   max. 10
language: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
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People share the same body structures and still, each one carries a biological and emotional history that is related to our gesture language.jewellery makers use their body to manipulate tools, to create their artworks to be worn in other people bodies.we are always talking about the body, using our body (until it limits many times) and addressing to the body.would not be important embody this discussion, to convoke the body to talk, to explore its possibilities?during the workshop, we will explore the gestures and the space led by the rhythm and our own desires.by that, we will play beyond familiar limits, not because we will develop acrobatic skills, but because we will play beyond the convinced limits, we will make exercises to recognise our limitations and abilities, we will play with balance and perceive the importance of the lightness and weight, of movement and pause. the workshop more than teaches any technique, will offer exercises that will help you to find your way, to be more conscient about addictions and non-explored abilities, about yourself in the space and in relation to the others.surrounding spaces, in between spaces, inners space: the language, the emotional reaction, the interaction will increase our artistic vocabulary and sensibility. as an artist we need to stand for a position (politic, aesthetic, poetic...) isn't the way we act also part of our statement?


KIKA RUFINO (about dance connection)

I've been dancing since my 5 years old and in the last 10 years I have been learning and practicing in the methodology of re-education of movement and body self-conscience, my idea is to propose exercise to help people explore their gesture language, explore their perception of themselves and the relations among the space, music and interaction with the others. All by combining rhythm and movements that each one "carries" within their selves - especially in this international rich soup we are! I believe the experience can be good for preparing our body to the physical work, and also to think through the body about space, object, jewellery... Besides having some fun and relaxing time together.