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with Maarja Niinemägi

date: 28th of August - 1st of September | duration: 5 days, 35 hrs
participants: min. 6 / max. 10
language: English and Estonian 


The most colourful metal. Titanium and its anodizing.                                                                                  

How to evoke colours from the metal, which at first view, looks grey?

When using the electrolysis, it is possible to make light and the most colourful metal jewellery.

In this workshop, everyone will make their own anodized titanium colour scale and through this will learn how to use an anodizing kit, the different possibilities to colour titanium, and which alkaline to use. Each person will experiment using at least 2-3 different alkaline.

Other experiments with titanium included are: sawing, cold connection, riveting, banding and spot welding.

The outcome is for each person to make an art piece out of anodized titanium. It is also possible to combine with other materials if desirable, depending on time.