WEEK 1 (13-17 Aug)

WEEK 2 (20-24 Aug)

METAL - iconoc(l)ast

  with Peter Vermandere
dates: 20st - 24th of August | duration: 5 Days, 35 Hrs
participants: min. 6 / max. 12
language: English, German and Flamish
fee: 625 € (students 475 €)
location: goldsmith/silversmith studio at Campus Idar-Oberstein
Extra costs for material: 50€

Insignia for everyday life.

The workshop will give you an introduction to experiment with metal casting in a variety of ways. We will explore different ways of molding and casting by carving directly into molds of stone, rubber and plaster to give different results. We will use these same molds and models for further development through sand casting and lost wax casting.

Starting from a single personal inspirational point we will look how our ideas will be transformed and altered by the techniques we use.


Interview with Peter Vermandere about ISA 2018

ISA: For the fourth time the International Summer Academy (ISA) has invited a group of international artists to hold a series of workshops. Speaking to your “future students”, what can they expect from your course?
Peter: With the practical hands-on approach of this course I hope to offer the participant a deep understanding of the transformational process which casting is. We start from a variety of basic ancient and actualized medieval possibilities and work towards contemporary and advanced mixed techniques. Do’s and dont’s, tips and tricks will hopefully lead the student to integrate new possibilities in his or hers own personal artistic practice.

ISA: What do you expect from the atmosphere and possibilities of the ISA 2018, centered in the city of Idar-Oberstein and the Departement of Gemstones and Jewellery?
Peter: The uniquenes of the environment lies in the fact that the city of Idar-Oberstein and the Departement of Gemstones and Jewellery breathe gemstone working and metal artefact production since ancient times. Knowledge and understanding of these two major streams are indispensable for everyone working in our creative field, This is the place where the tradition and future crosses in the present.

ISA: Thinking about your experiences, what is your favorite thing about the Summer Academy in Idar-Oberstein?
Peter: I don’t know many places where the spirit of open-minded learning and sharing knowledge is so compactly organised as during ISA. Time after time I am amazed and deeply moved by he outburst of creative energy which happens within these two wonderful weeks.

ISA: Something else we should know about you?
Peter: I can show and speak about how I make my personal works but I can not tell you how to make your own. But I hope to be able to help you discover and develop your own personal way to continue creating. Thank you Peter Vermandere for talking with us about your experiences!



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