WEEK 1 (13-17 Aug)

WEEK 2 (20-24 Aug)

Global identity and fusion design

  with Martina Dempf
  Date: 13st - 17th of August | duration: 5 days, 35 hrs
participants: min. 8 / max. 12
language: English and German
location: goldsmith/silversmith studio at Campus Idar-Oberstein
fee: 625 € (students 475 €)

Modern Nomads and Contemporary Jewellery
Create your own cultural tag through jewellery!

We create contemporary jewellery by reflecting on your personal history and cultural identity - all materials and techniques are welcome. The workshop focuses on a creative crossover using multi-media. With a challenging conceptual design process, you will also gain knowledge of diverse technical means for transforming your ideas into stunning jewellery pieces.

Jewellery has always been a medium for cultural identity, and has been perfectly understood by the people making and wearing it. Contemporary jewellery transcends this local heritage by creating a more global understanding. All inhabitants of the Global Village have originally grown up with cultural roots expressed in local art, design and architecture. However, "modern nomads" are at risk of losing the inner link to their initial background.

In this workshop we will research how contemporary jewellery can be inspired by local art and design, wether it is traditional or modern, with a variety of styles, materials and techniques. With this knowledge everybody will sketch/design new ideas and make pieces of jewellery, using a fusion between your personal cultural roots and contemporary jewellery.

This workshop can be attended by beginners and advanced artists. Students should be familiar with basic jewellery techniques. Workshop materials and tools supplied by the participant: - basic jewellery tools like saw, plyers, files, drills in different sizes - material (found objects, fragments, memories, photos, books etc.) from your place of origin, metal and all other material you wish to work with.

For more information see Martinas workshop at the Le Arti Orafe LAO jewellery school in Florence in February 2017